Quick Look

The quicklook plugin is only displayed on wide screen and proposes a bar view for CPU and memory (virtual and swap).

In the terminal interface, click on 3 to enable/disable it.


If the per CPU mode is on (by clicking the 1 key):


In the Curses/terminal interface, it is also possible to switch from bar to sparkline using ‘S’ hot key or –sparkline command line option (need the sparklines Python lib on your system). Please be aware that sparklines use the Glances history and will not be available if the history is disabled from the command line. For the moment sparkline is not available in client/server mode (see issue ).



Limit values can be overwritten in the configuration file under the [quicklook] section.

You can also configure the percentage char used in the terminal user interface.

# Graphical percentage char used in the terminal user interface (default is |)