This plugin display extended information about network connections.

The states are the following:

  • Listen: all ports created by server and waiting for a client to connect
  • Initialized: All states when a connection is initialized (sum of SYN_SENT and SYN_RECEIVED)
  • Established: All established connections between a client and a server
  • Terminated: All states when a connection is terminated (FIN_WAIT1, CLOSE_WAIT, LAST_ACK, FIN_WAIT2, TIME_WAIT and CLOSE)
  • Tracked: Current number and maximum Netfilter tracker connection (nf_conntrack_count/nf_conntrack_max)

The configuration should be done in the [connections] section of the Glances configuration file.

By default the plugin is disabled. Please change your configuration file as following to enable it

# nf_conntrack thresholds in %