Disk I/O


Glances displays the disk I/O throughput. The unit is adapted dynamically.

You can display:

  • bytes per second (default behavior / Bytes/s, KBytes/s, MBytes/s, etc)
  • requests per second (using –diskio-iops option or B hotkey)

There is no alert on this information.

It’s possible to define:

  • a list of disk to show (white list)
  • a list of disks to hide
  • aliases for disk name

under the [diskio] section in the configuration file.

For example, if you want to hide the loopback disks (loop0, loop1, …) and the specific sda5 partition:


or another example:


Filtering is based on regular expression. Please be sure that your regular expression works as expected. You can use an online tool like regex101 in order to test your regular expression.