File SystemΒΆ


Glances displays the used and total file system disk space. The unit is adapted dynamically.

Alerts are set for user disk space usage.


User disk space usage Status
<50% OK


Limit values can be overwritten in the configuration file under the [fs] section.

By default, the plugin only displays physical devices (hard disks, USB keys). To allow other file system types, you have to enable them in the configuration file. For example, if you want to allow the shm file system:


Also, you can hide mount points using regular expressions.

To hide all mount points starting with /boot and /snap:


Filtering are also applied on device name (Glances 3.1.4 or higher).

It is also possible to configure a white list of devices to display. Example to only show /dev/sdb mount points:


Filtering is based on regular expression. Please be sure that your regular expression works as expected. You can use an online tool like regex101 in order to test your regular expression.