HDD temperature sensor

Availability: Linux

This plugin will add HDD temperature to the sensors plugin.

On your Linux system, you will need to have: - hddtemp package installed - hddtemp service up and running (check it with systemctl status hddtemp) - the TCP port 7634 opened on your local firewall (if it is enabled on your system)

For example on a CentOS/Redhat Linux operating system, you have to:

$ sudo yum install hddtemp

$ sudo systemctl enable hddtemp

$ sudo systemctl enable hddtemp

Test it in the console:

$ hddtemp

/dev/sda: TOSHIBA MQ01ACF050: 41°C

/dev/sdb: ST1000LM044 HN-M101SAD: 38°C

It should appears in the sensors plugin.


There is no alert on this information.


Limit values and sensors alias names can be defined in the configuration file under the [sensors] section.