Availability: Unix and Windows with a PsUtil version >= 5.6.2


On the No Sheep blog, Zachary Tirrell defines the load average on GNU/Linux operating system:

“In short it is the average sum of the number of processes waiting in the run-queue plus the number currently executing over 1, 5, and 15 minutes time periods.”

Be aware that Load on Linux, BSD and Windows are different things, high load on BSD does not means high CPU load. The Windows load is emulated by the PsUtil lib (see load on Windows)

Glances gets the number of CPU core to adapt the alerts. Alerts on load average are only set on 15 minutes time period. The first line also displays the number of CPU core.


Load avg Status
<0.7*core OK
>0.7*core CAREFUL
>1*core WARNING
>5*core CRITICAL


Limit values can be overwritten in the configuration file under the [load] section.